Create Mailing Labels in Word using Mail Merge from an Excel Data Set

Create a sheet of Avery mailing labels from an Excel worksheet of names and addresses. Use Mail Merge to produced labels. Mail Merge 100s of Customers: http:…



Aleshea Dominique says:

I have 650 names to merge into a name tag templet. The templet only holds 6
names per page. Do I have to do this a page at a time?

Tubifreex3 says:

Thanks! I needed to know this for my work.

Bronte Hasty says:

I have struggled with this for weeks and now I’m able to successfully make
labels from my spreadsheet. Thank you for such a great video!

snsairam says:

This saved me SO much time! Very simple instructions. THANK YOU! :-)

Amy Sellers says:

Very simple clean instructions, thank you so much. This saved me a ton of

Amy Grubb says:

Thank you, Ralph. This was awesome. I really appreciate the step by step

Spencer Newton says:

Thanks! you were precise and made it easy… Appreciate your help:)

Mark Rasmussen says:

Very clear and simple instructions. Thank you!

Lisa Smith Youngs says:

You are an excellent teacher! Wonderful voice modulation for teaching –
calm, friendly and collected. This lesson was easy to understand and very
helpful! Thank you!

Scott Lucas says:

NICE JOB !! The blogs on Microsoft say you can’t do this !! Great

Bugdenl says:

Thanks Ralph! Really helpful. I feel like I am now a master of mail

Homes says:

Thank you, so much!

KingRanter says:

Fantastic Thanks so much helped alot!!

sandal mca says:

thanks! help full my project.

John Miller says:

Thanks! Very clear and helpful. Better than the MS Wizard, 

Ellen Marie Dumer says:

This is a great explanation…but HOW DO you insert those clipart/pictures?
Can’t get it to work.

Alecia Fair says:

Excellent video, very helpful!

callilman says:

I can get all of the fields into the top left label and then when I press
the update labels button, it doesn’t update all of the labels with the
fields. Only the top two and bottom two? Any ideas why?

Jonny Mac says:

Bro, thank you ! You just saved my business (me) a lot of time, I couldn’t
get the labels to go ALL on one sheet, I was missing the “update labels”
step. Thanks +Ralph Phillips A++ job bud !

Kannan Rajendan says:

Thanks Ralph for your excellent presentation.

Mrs. C W says:

I have 60 people/addresses and mine shows up with 1 label only on 60
separate sheets, what did I do wrong?

Hashim Shmaisani says:

you did me a great favor , thanks for the video :)

Jennifer Sarlow says:

This video was great up until it was time to ‘preview results’ and my
computer will not do it. The labels go blank. Can anyone help me know in
[file. options, advanced] in mail merge, what boxes need to be checked or
unchecked so I can get this to work? Or could it be another problem?
Please can someone help? I’m using Avery L7162 and I had to reset it to
Australia as they weren’t lining up when I was trying to customise them but
that is sorted now.

Nicole Van Denburg says:

Thank you! This just saved me! 

T.O. says:

This instructional video kicks the CRAP out of every other one on the web.
This video was easy to understand and it wasn’t 13-25 minutes like the
other ones….THANK YOU!!

Linda McDonald says:

Thanks for the great tutorial you were great!

Shannon Willis says:

Awesome video. Life saver as I have a huge deadline to finish. Couldn’t
figure out what step I was missing.

Chris Klaene says:

Very helpful. Thank you.

Jaldaboath Irghen says:

Update labels button! I’d never found it, thanks a lot!

Andrea Foren says:

Thank you! I was stuck and your video got me over my hurdle. Thank you
thank you!!

Maria Valim says:

Thank you so much, we got a new computer system at work that will not print
the labels by last name first, so we have to use this to create our labels,
we spent so much time today trying to figure it out and couldn’t do it,
I’ll try this out tomorrow at work, I have a feeling it will work, I see
what I did wrong today by watching your video, I just wanted say thank you
so much for making this video. I’ll be using YouTube from now on when I
have a question, I’m a visual person and have to see how it’s done before I
can do it myself, I had gotten written instructions before that confused me
even more, again thank you.

Claire Chang says:

Thanks Ralph! Super helpful. Happy to have just found your channel.

Advocate Woods says:

When I get to the part where he says to press preview results my labels are
all blank! Why would that happen?

jim athens says:

thank you very very much!

Ho Kang says:

Thank you so much! It was a great help! 

Ruthie P says:

YOU ARE THE BEST! Thanks for sharing this brilliant video ☺

Hugo Martinez says:

Thank you so much. This was very helpful and easy to follow. You’re a
great teacher. 

Peggie Conner says:

I have worked on this for a week and once I got onto this information I was
able to do this within 15 minutes!!!!

Thank you sooooo very much!

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