How to Create a Group Email in Gmail

How to create a group email inside of Gmail. This allows for quick and effective distribution of email messages.



Rick Barnes says:

Great, thanks

Waqar Ahmed says:

What if i have a list of emails and i don't have them in my contacts list (and i prefer not to add them to my contacts list). Is there a way i can create a group of just those emails? rather then copy pasting the list when i send emails

Paul Ruez says:

Thanks for sharing. How do I add addresses from my inbox?

Verna Studer says:

My gmail does NOT look like this! Sigh.

clutterology says:

This is outdated. Adding contacts to group is no longer accurate as shown at 1:32 of this video.

shrey Malhotra says:

Can other people on this group send an email through the group?

Jose Fermat says:

How do you avoid displaying the e-mail addresses of the rest of the group to individual students. How to avoid that thestudent that receive your e-mail doesn't create an e-mail list for commercial purposes.

Mr. Washam says:

I need to update the video, some of this does not apply to general public, as I work for a public school district and that's how we needed to add contacts. However, the rest of the video still applies. Thank you to everyone for watching.

Parvez Ahmed says:

thank u very much

Howard Barnett says:

out of date, blurry

Mark Marinello says:

this was awesome! Thank you. I sent an email TO: to myself then BCC: the contact list but Google did not send it. They identified me as spam by replying, "delivery to the following recipient failed permanently." How do I avoid this while using the BCC with 40 contacts in my group email list?

Andy Perkonig says:

it would be nice if you would add some sound!

Milagros Lopez says:

It doesn't show me select all bottom on directory…:(

angelina saenz says:

does this work with the "circles" i cant figure it out, thanks in advance

Scroto Saggins says:

How does one unsubscribe from these types of groups?

Jennifer Long says:

How do I send a group email, but have contacts reply without everyone getting their reply, just me?

Rand Rothberger says:

This worked in Gmail 2014, not 2015. Please take this down.

Michelle Wooten says:

Thanks!! Now I got it!

Max Jung says:

Doesn't work man! Idk why

Mirte van Geenen says:

For some annoying reason my "contacts" page doesn't look like the one in the tutorial and there is no way to add contacts to my group?? Well, there is som +-button in the bottom right corner, and a little search window pops up, but when I enter the name of someone I almost daily send an email, that name doesn't show up, instead loads of other names of people I have never heard of… ??

Tejinder Singh says:

How can I import the Contacts and how many contacts can be used to send email, means can I send mail to 20000 peoples?

ksbolanos says:

perfect, thank you!

Susana Castillo says:

Thanks for the video.

Dr. Gerson Mgaya says:

does this work in mac?

Lauren Hooker says:

how many contacts can be in one group?

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